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Welcome to our site! Meet the 'Comebyanaway' Border Collies - Quality NOT Quantity!!

We live 1000+ feet up on a sheep farm in the Northern Pennines in England. Our Border Collies are working lines, ISDS and KC registered, they help us daily on the farm, some also have fun in agility and flyball. We currently own 7 Border Collies and 1 rescued German Shepherd.

Some Comebyanaway successes:

Team GB Agility, YKC Team GB Agility, Crufts Flyball Finalists, YKC Crufts Obedience Winner, YKC Crufts Agility Dog of the Year finalist, Scottish Agility Team, Open Sheepdog Trials Winners, Brace Sheepdog Winners,  ISDS Registered on Merit, CSJ Agility Finalists, First Contact Finalists, Agility Club Finalists,  Novice Olympia Finalists, Olympia Stakes Semi Finalists, Genesis Finalists, Adams Derby Finalists..........


We have 2 sons (Josh 10, and Reuben 3). With the farm we run 2 Border Collie related businesses – ‘Colliewobbles' (www.colliewobbles.com) which caters for the needs of general BC owners and ‘ Sheepdog Shop' (www.sheepdogshop.co.uk) which caters specifically for sheepdog trialling enthusiasts. We sell via the internet worldwide (in 2004 we won the UK Trade & Investment New Exporter Individual Achievement Award, in 2005 we were the runners up in the Farmers Weekly Alternative Enterprise of the Year award). We also attend shows all over the UK and Europe (i.e. Crufts, World Agility Championships, ISDS National Trials, Continental Sheepdog Trials etc).


It was our interest in Border Collies that actually saved us from losing our farm due to financial hardship after foot & mouth in 2001. Every cloud has a silver lining – ours was a black and white Collie shaped one!! As well as competing in Agility and Trialling our dogs and farm animals also work in films, TV, photo shoots for magazines, advertising campaigns etc.

See our TV and Promotional work page for more info !


In May 2009 we are opening two holiday cottages on the farm which will be aimed at people with multi-dogs. As well as being able to walk the dogs in a fantastic area we will be offering Sheepdog training - this is aimed at people who may be interested in sheepdog trials/would like to see what is involved or would just like a one off experience and Agility training in our 120 ft Indoor Agility Building. Also various farm related activites depending on the time of the year. Please visit our website at www.multidogcottages.co.uk for further info. Tim

This website however is not to do with work but pleasure. It is about our own Border Collies, info on them, piccis and updates on some of the pups we have had in the last 7 years and the homes they have gone to. Our dogs have the affix 'Comebyanaway' on their Kennel Club registration andByanaway' on their ISDS registration. All are eye tested and any we breed off hip scored. "Comebye" is Sheepdog language for left or clockwise and "Away" is Sheepdog language for anti-clockwise or right, and we chose this affix as it reflects our dogs working heritage as this is what they will always have.

Please read and enjoy! - any comments/ideas please e.mail us at comebyanaway@hotmail.com

* Please Note - All graphics and wording on this site is Copyright. Please do not copy it - we have recently been made aware of several sites who have copied chunks from our site, especially descriptions of our pups etc. Please do not do this, our site is written 'from the heart' and therefore very personal to us.